Resonating at a Tradeshow

Resonating at a Tradeshow

As a healthcare technology leader developing solutions for nurses, Ascom needed a creative way to raise its profile at HiMSS, North America's largest healthcare IT conference, in an increasingly competitive landscape. Understanding that conference attendees often commiserate (or brag!) over how may miles they walk on the expansive tradeshow floor, Largemouth saw an opportunity to reframe the conversation and shine a light on the distance that nurses walk during a typical shift. Largemouth recruited nursing influencers, trade reporters, Ascom employees and conference attendees to take part in a unique Fitbit competition. Contest participants were given a free Fitbit, then challenged to track their steps every day of the conference.


A virtual leaderboard served to "gamify" an otherwise tedious part of HiMSS (lots of walking), and Largemouth posted live social updates to stir competition each day. Prizes were awarded to daily winners, and Largemouth shared custom graphics on social channels to draw comparisons to the number of steps nurses walk in an average shift - putting the benefits of Ascom's products in context. For example, "You walked a long way at HiMMS today, but probably not as far as a nurse walks during a single shift."


The competition reinforced key Ascom brand tenets and incentivized influential HiMSS attendees to engage with Ascom on social. The Fitbit campaign tweets garnered more than 38K impressions and recived nearly double the engagements compared to Ascom's typical conference tweet. The impressions were significant, but most importantly, the campaign resonated with Ascom's key audiences of nurses and IT influencers. 

As some tradeshows embrace the flexibility of virtual events and others evolve back in person, the goal remains the same: connect with your target audience with the right message. Whether you're defining that message or looking for ways to bring it to life through traditional or social media, we're glad to help.

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