15 Years and Change

15 Years and Change

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary for Largemouth this month, I’m overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and nostalgia. My daughter will be turning 15 in a few months too and I understand what kind of milestones will await her in rapid succession over the next few years. You’re learning to drive one day and in the blink of an eye you’re graduating high school and heading off to college on your own.

It’s hard not to see symbolism in the sudden change that age 15 sparks and what we’re going through now as a company facing the new realities of 2020. Afterall, no one had a pandemic like COVID-19 in their business plans. However, as we’ve come together to address those challenges, I am incredibly proud of how our team has responded and guided our clients every step of the way. Sometimes one Zoom call at a time.

While communications objectives have evolved for many in recent months, our focus for clients has remained on getting to the essence of the “why?” question. It’s the same approach we’ve used to help large companies build global awareness for new technologies, or with consumer brands launching a new product in the local community. Securing the foundation becomes even more important as businesses begin to re-define priority audiences and what they need to say during a time of societal and social change.

In media training, we’ve always coached our clients that it’s not about preparing for the first thing a reporter is going to ask you – but for those subsequent questions that really get into the heart of the subject matter. A lot of companies are now working their way backwards from this idea as they assess their own role in society and what their business means to people. What comes out of these exercises is not just having an impact on customers, but on employees and local communities.

We feel a great deal of responsibility as we navigate these new waters alongside our clients – some of which have been with us from the get-go – helping build synergy between brand identity and message to ensure authenticity. Since we opened our doors in 2005, we’ve strived to maintain the level of collaboration. It’s through those close relationships that we’re able to support clients through each milestone in their own growth and development.  

Of course, the journey wouldn’t be possible without the people at Largemouth. As B2P (Business to People) models continue to break down barriers for how we all operate, it will be our team applying their own experience and skillsets that will help steer the ship forward over the next 15 years and beyond. And as I am with my daughter, I look forward to all the other milestones and celebrations that will come along the way.

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