Southeastern Freight Line’s philosophy is “take care of our people, and they will take care of our customers and that will take care of our future.” Southeastern is comprised of more than 6,600 employees at more than 80 service centers with a serving attitude and a passion for customer service excellence, touting a commitment to employees and customer service is so common that it’s cliché. Largemouth aimed to showcase this commitment through tangible examples and third-party validation.

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Even in a down economy, Southeastern has managed to continue its history of avoiding layoffs, all the while enhancing service offerings and improving its technology infrastructure. Largemouth positioned Southeastern as a stable and trusted business partner and leader in the pending recovery. Largemouth determined what differentiates Southeastern from its competitors – the company’s rich employee culture, a high quality of service, and the industry’s most advanced technology infrastructure – and highlighted these attributes in media-facing materials. Largemouth first offered an introduction, company overview and executive interviews to trucking trade editors and engaged media – from trucking industry trades to local business and community media in the company’s South Carolina headquarters and in the towns of its service centers. 


Southeastern’s “no layoff” story reached nearly 500,000 media impressions. In addition to interviews and article placements, a Southeastern executive was interviewed on SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s trucking channel to discuss how the company continues to avoid layoffs and reduce costs, without eroding customer service and, in fact, setting company records in terms of efficiency and operational excellence.

500,000 media impressions