Big Ideas

If you do what you have always done, you always get the same outcomes. We take customers and move them to the next level, making them more relevant, visible and involved in meaningful conversations. Creativity matters and we can help you generate big ideas that achieve greater results through different channels.

Big Stories

We take action on big ideas and turn them into big stories, reaching audiences on a larger scale through diverse platforms. Our programs are designed with your brand top of mind. Whether it’s targeting customers, employees, traditional or social media, we’ll make sure your story influences the right people.  

Big Impact

We are experts of differentiation, opening doors to advance your brand through various media and communication portals. We deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. From local to late night, we’ll get you noticed.

Our Approach

Words matter. What you say can inspire or affect change -- as long as it’s heard.  

The Largemouth approach is built on true partnerships with our clients, local to national. No matter the story, our strategists navigate the maze of communication channels to make sure your message is not only heard but leaves an impression.  

Past and presentOur Clients

We've got a great oneMeet our team

Brandon Bryce Brandon Bryce

Family man, Fisherman and Founder. Brandon enjoys fishing (that’s not catching by the way), but prefers time with family and friends. His tales (both professional and fishing) are impressive and he swears by the following adage: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, you get rid of him for the weekend.”

Brandon Bryce
President & CEO

Kelly Propst Kelly Propst

Kelly recently traded in her suit case for a diaper bag, but she still has plans to check Spain, Iceland and Italy off her globetrotting bucket list. In the meantime, she regularly receives wine club shipments (at the office). Thanks to her adventurous palate, she is also the designated taste-tester for her husband’s delicious kitchen creations and loves keeping tabs on what’s hot in the restaurant scene. Barbecued pigtails, anyone?

Kelly Propst
Vice President

Aimee Bryce Aimee Bryce

Aimee is usually in a New York state of mind. You can find her after work either in the carpool line at school or at her favorite store, Target. She studied Shakespeare, but is a huge Sci-Fi geek and knows every Twilight Zone by heart. Aimee's radio is always set on 80s on 8 unless the kids are in the car and make her listen to Hits 1.

Aimee Bryce
Business Manager

Mark Van Hook Mark Van Hook

A New Jersey transplant like everyone else in NC, Mark's precious little free time is usually spent hanging out with his wife and two boys. Otherwise, when not writing PR plans, he's watching old black-and-white movies, reading voraciously or lamenting the state of his beleaguered New York Mets.

Mark Van Hook
Director, Strategic Accounts

Sarah Osment Sarah Osment

Sarah is always ready for her next adventure, whether its whipping up a new pie in the kitchen, traveling to a new destination or letting the paints fly across the canvas. When she’s not covered in paint or pie dough, Sarah is playing with her “little dinosaur,” a labradoodle named Stega.

Sarah Osment
Director, Strategic Accounts

Kelly Maicon Kelly Maicon

Juggler is the best way to describe Kelly. Whether setting up her folding chair on the sidelines of a soccer game or pacing back and forth as her son strikes out the final batter for the win, everyone knows who she is cheering for during the big game. When not racking up mileage on her minivan, carting her kids to practices and games, Kelly serves as the resident interior designer for family members, friends and neighbors.

Kelly Maicon
Account Supervisor

Julie Colman Julie Colman

If she’s not enjoying a glass of red wine and listening to NPR, Julie is probably harmonizing with the radio or playing tennis. She loves to travel – especially if she can relax and enjoy a juicy “whodunit” novel.

Julie Colman
Account Supervisor

Ryan Boger Ryan Boger

Ryan is an outdoor adventurer and word connoisseur, so you might find him running a 20-mile trail run or engulfed in a new book for hours by contrast. As a loyal NC State alum and fan, Ryan’s proudest achievement might be converting his wife, a UNC grad, into a passionate Wolfpack supporter.

Ryan Boger
Account Supervisor

Melody Goforth Melody Goforth

Melody is a dedicated culture-seeker who is always on the lookout for local hot spots – particularly coffee shops, sushi joints and bakeries (donuts, anyone?). When she’s not curled up with a book or catching up on her YouTube subscriptions, Melody can be found practicing her novice photography skills or going to indie rock and folk concerts with friends. 

Melody Goforth
Senior Account Executive

Katie Davis Katie Davis

Katie is an avid animal lover, foodie and fashionista. When she's not buying more clothes she doesn't need, you can find her playing with her French Bulldog, Winston, or overindulging at the nearest food truck. Born and raised in North Carolina, this southern girl loves wearing pearls, eating BBQ and drinking tea sweeter than she is.  

Katie Davis
Senior Account Executive

Danielle LaPerche Danielle LaPerche

Danielle left the city of brotherly love to join the Wolfpack in sunny North Carolina. While she misses cheeseteaks, she has plenty of Raleigh sushi places to keep her busy. When not at work, you can find Danielle obsessing over dogs, reading a thriller, singing her heart out or going out on the town.  

Danielle LaPerche
Account Executive

Carey McLaughlin Carey McLaughlin

A PA native, but no stranger to the south (hey Clemson), Carey loves replicating recipes from the Food Network, singing along to Drake’s latest album and scrolling through Twitter for the funniest pop culture memes. When she’s not taking a dance class after work, you can find Carey sipping Chianti while day dreaming about her next trip to Italy.

Carey McLaughlin
Account Executive

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