Sensus technology in the United States is powering the largest smart grid implementation to-date--this is the message Largemouth envisioned when leading clean technology provider Sensus was selected by the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change to meet new European Union guidelines that stated that 80 percent of the UK population must use smart meters by the year 2020. Sensus leaders knew this major smart grid implementation would have a domino effect, resulting in countries around the world and US cities adopting its technologies. Because of this, Sensus wanted to become the story of the UK bid, not just part of it, and the company tasked Largemouth with creating its key messaging that would lead to a global impact. 

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Before Sensus’ selection was even made official, Largemouth had already created a comprehensive media strategy, including a Q&A, press release and extensive media lists. Largemouth also coordinated with the Sensus PR agencies in the UK and Japan to ensure consistent messaging and outreach. Largemouth left no stone unturned in planning this announcement, including media training for Sensus leadership, ensuring media references were available and developing a thorough social media roll out plan to complement communication efforts. When the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change announced the “preferred” bidders, Largemouth got right to work with setting up interviews and securing articles using the angle of “Made in the USA, Powering the UK.” Throughout the campaign, Largemouth served as the point of contact to coordinate all interviews with the Sensus CEO. 


This international campaign positioned Sensus as a global leader and primed the company for future global smart grid opportunities by generating 158 media hits with more than 143 million media impressions. Largemouth’s outreach efforts resulted in interviews with Bloomberg and specifically secured placements in major national and international outlets including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Financial Times and The Washington Post, as well as key trade publications. The impact of the Great Britain win now serves as a benchmark for future projects around the world. And, that was just part one. As the project takes shape, there are even more opportunities to create global recognition for Sensus.

158 media hits

143 million media impressions