As Eaton worked to transition the products and services of a newly acquired company to its brand, the company took the opportunity to educate media and key stakeholders about the company’s overall product offerings, technology innovations and service capabilities. To tell the story of how Eaton’s ever-growing capabilities are providing new perspectives to solve critical power management challenges, Eaton tasked Largemouth to create media-facing brochure.

With an overabundance of new information, Largemouth needed to take a streamlined approach at sharing Eaton’s new products and services with their target audiences. The brochure needed to inform but not overwhelm its readers. 

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    The cover visual of a tree demonstrates the strong core of Eaton’s business and how it has branched out over the years.

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To develop a visually impactful brochure that would intrigue audiences to learn more, Largemouth developed a template to highlight each of the company’s new innovative capabilities. The Largemouth team conducted research to identify key business megatrends and couple the trends with stories highlighting how Eaton’s products and services are impacting each trend.

Six key megatrends were identified and highlighted in the context of how Eaton’s products, solutions and experts were impacting each trend. A dedicated page was developed for each megatrend, with each page following the same design for easy reference.

By keeping the tone throughout the brochure light and conversational – to match the airy feeling given by the leafy green cover – messaging for each megatrend was shared in a tidy package, all centered around the idea that “there’s more to our [Eaton’s] story.”

The design aided the text, keeping the brochure manageable by calling out important information in bold and drawing a reader’s eye with differently colored text.


The final Media Sourcebook features solid writing and design, which looks stunning both in print and online. Each page is laid out to ensure ultimate readability, and the graphics and photos join the text to tell Eaton’s story. 

To date, the Media Sourcebook has been shared with hundreds of reporters, trade show attendees, customers and Eaton employees. Feedback has been extremely positive, and led to an article highlighting Eaton in the Atlanta Business Journal, a key publication for Eaton’s Lighting Division.

The project was also honored by the Raleigh Public Relations Society with a Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for Excellence in Communication, earning a Silver Award in the Publications division, which recognizes exemplary marriage of design and word to convey the intended message.