To help Kangaroo Express guests get in the holiday spirit while simultaneously driving sales momentum, Largemouth devised a simple yet effective social media campaign to help Kangaroo Express engage with its younger customer base over the holiday season. Positioning the convenience retailer as a destination for on-the-go snacks and goodies, Largemouth designed the #ROOcipes Holiday Challenge social media contest, encouraging customers to get creative with store-bought treats and share their festive holiday dessert creations on social media channels for the chance to win a prize. 

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Largemouth created the #ROOcipe social media campaign using a third-party platform, which allowed Kangaroo Express fans to upload their dessert creations to personal social channels using the #ROOcipes hashtag, and encourage friends and followers to vote for their submission for a chance to win a prize. While Largemouth crafted the social media campaign to engage with its fans on social channels, the campaign was strategically designed so that it would ultimately reach key media influencers across Kangaroo Express’ store footprint. By capitalizing on the cost-saving implications of this unique take on holiday desserts, Largemouth was able to leverage its relationships with retail reporters and deal bloggers to generate buzz and maximize the amount of exposure for the contest in media markets across the Southeast.  


Focusing heavily on retail reporters and deal bloggers to share the contest with their followers, Largemouth’s media relations for the ROOcipes contest resulted in more than 1.4 million media impressions. Stories were garnered in all of Kangaroo Express’ key markets, including Charleston, South Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. During the 12-day #ROOcipes Holiday Challenge, Kangaroo Express’ Facebook page saw thousands of unique visitors participate in the contest, ultimately driving nearly 3,000 campaign visitors to the contest platform alone. 

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2,914 unique website visitors

1.4 million media impressions