Largemouth worked with Hooters to craft a media relations strategy surrounding National Chicken Wing Day, an eccentric holiday in the U.S. that gives self-proclaimed chicken wing enthusiasts from all across the nation an excuse to celebrate their adoration for the chicken wing. Leveraging the Hooters World Wing Eating Championship finale, its Major League Eating-sanctioned event held at the Original Hooters of Clearwater, Florida, Largemouth sought to increase foot traffic to U.S. Hooters locations on National Chicken Wing Day. The PR program was designed to encourage consumers to meet up at Hooters for an unbeatable deal on National Chicken Wing Day: $12.99 all-you-can-eat wings at all U.S. Hooters locations. Considering the Hooters World Wing-Eating Champion Joey Chestnut devoured 179 wings in 10 minutes, it was America’s turn to collectively consume as many wings possible on National Chicken Wing Day with Hooters “One Million Wing Challenge.”

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    The Champ

    Joey Chestnut devoured 179 Hooters wings in 10 minutes to become Hooters World Wing Eating Champion

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    Fox & Friends

    Miss Hooters International Marissa Raisor joined 10 fellow Hooters Girls to share National Chicken Wing Day details during a live Fox & Friends broadcast


Largemouth focused on a media relations-heavy approach, capitalizing on numerous media segments and strategically pitching a variety of news angles to ensure that the Hooters brand became synonymous with National Chicken Wing Day. From leveraging Joey Chestnut’s timely championship performance to entice national sports media to promoting Hooters all-you-can-eat deal with retail reporters, Largemouth secured phone, in-studio and live media opportunities with nearly all 10 competitive eaters in advance of National Chicken Wing Day. Heavy pitching was also conducted in the Clearwater area to invite media to capture the Hooters wing showdown. Following the conclusion of the finale, Largemouth issued a national press release that announced the reigning wing-eating champion Joey Chestnut and issued the “One Million Wing Challenge,” serving as yet another reminder of Hooters nationwide chicken wing celebration. Largemouth tapped into its existing relationships with national media contacts to coordinate in-studio interviews and live broadcast segments with the reigning wing-eating champion and Hooters Girl brand ambassadors.


The campaign generated widespread broadcast, print and online media coverage across the nation, garnering nearly 120 million total media impressions. Media exposure helped drive unprecedented numbers of consumers inside Hooters establishments across the country on National Chicken Wing Day, with a 24 percent increase in average foot traffic. The campaign far surpassed Hooters “One Million Wing Challenge” with Americans putting down nearly 1.6 million Hooters world-famous chicken wings in one day.

Nearly 1.6 million Hooters wings consumed

24% increase in foot traffic

120 million media impressions