People often think of spring cleaning as the notion of throwing out the old to make room for the new. But, for marketers, this process could also entail dusting off previously used resources and turning them into new-and-improved assets. That’s because content can often be reused and rejuvenated with just the right strategy.

While repurposing content has its benefits, not all content is recyclable. Below are a few steps to consider evaluating and replaying your existing materials.

  1. Make a case for relevancy.

    The first question marketing pros should ask themselves when deciding to repurpose a content piece is whether the topic is still relevant right now, or if it was a one-time trend. If it’s the latter, you can go ahead and move on. If the subject still holds weight, you might consider making some updates to keep the story fresh. With a customer case study, for example, you could add new statistics or results to the story that make it timelier.



  2. Change the format.

    Perhaps you have a white paper that still features some key insights for target audiences, but the format could use some adjusting. You might try using some takeaways from your white paper and turning them into an infographic or a slideshow along with some engaging imagery. If your company has the capability, you could take an interesting topic from a content piece – a blog post for instance – and expand it into a webinar with commentary from several of your organization’s experts. The sky is the limit when it comes to formats and forums!


  3. Tap unreached audiences.

    One of the great things about repurposing content is that it can help make connections with untapped audiences. Social media posts can be re-packaged and re-posted at different times of day to accommodate different time zones. By switching up voice and perspective, you might even use a repurposed piece of content to target new or different audience segments. For example, if your PR team has secured a contributed article with a healthcare trade publication, it might be possible to pitch and place a similar article in the education space if the topic and audience align. 


The art of repurposing content allows marketing teams to maximize results with their storytelling pursuits. Contact us today to talk through your upcoming initiatives, and how you can leverage your marketing assets for opportunities across media and social media channels that will help you reach your goals!

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