Get to Know Our CEO

Get to Know Our CEO

When it came time to name his new public relations agency, Brandon Bryce decided to honor his father and the favorite hobby they shared together – thus, Largemouth Communications was born. That was 14 years ago when Brandon was about to become a dad himself, his wife being six months pregnant with the first of their two children.

As you can imagine, Brandon has made a lot of memories both personally and professionally since Largemouth opened its doors. To celebrate the company anniversary, we caught up with our CEO to ask a few questions about his experiences and where he sees things heading into the future.   

  1. Why did you start Largemouth Communications?

    Public relations and marketing have always been passions of mine. Through my time working in both big agencies and in-house corporate teams, I found I was happiest in pursuit of the “big story” and collaborating with business leaders to evolve the role that communication plays across their teams. I started Largemouth because I wanted to help more companies find their voice for storytelling and use PR to reach new heights.   
  2. What brought you to the Triangle?

    I moved to Raleigh in the year 2000 to help start a technology company in the growing Research Triangle Park. After my experiences working on that project, I decided it was time to build a new business that was more in line with my passions. I had established lot of relationships and knowledge across different industries on the East Coast. I also loved the area, so the Triangle was really the perfect place to make my home and begin this new venture.   
  3. Can you tell us your favorite Largemouth memory?

    I can’t pick just one, but I will say that all my favorite memories involve our people. Through 14 years of running this company, I have witnesses multiple engagements, weddings and been introduced to lots of new babies. We have consistently delivered impactful ideas, programs and stories for our clients – which has kept the day-to-day work exciting! I am proud of Largemouth as a business that’s driven successful results for our clients, but also one that has served the people here on our team through their journey in life. I couldn’t ask for anything more special than that.
  4. How often do people ask about the Largemouth name?

    It happens a lot and I wouldn’t have it any other way! When we started, it was more common for agency principals to be included in the company name – kind of like you see with law firms. I wanted something a little more fun and approachable for our company. I am an avid fisherman and some of my fondest memories are of being on the lake with my dad fishing for largemouth bass. He is my mentor and I felt it was a fitting way to honor him. Plus, it’s a great way to show clients that we’re here to get their message across loud and clear!
  5. Where do you see Largemouth heading?

    The PR industry has changed a lot since our doors opened in 2005, especially with the infusion of technology and digital media. For everyone in our business, the challenge has been to keep up with the pace and anticipate the trajectory of change. I feel like we’ve done a good job of that so far and it will continue to be a major focus for our team looking ahead. Beyond that, we’ll keep striving to be the best at what we do for our clients!

With his earnest commitment to our people and the business, Brandon has created a unique, family-like culture at Largemouth. Whether we’re traveling to visit clients, or catching up over coffee and some treats from nearby Carolina Glazed Donuts back at the office, there’s no denying that the team has fun together. We recently celebrated the company’s 14th anniversary spoiling ourselves with some spa treatment at the Umstead Hotel and a fun team dinner at Bonefish Grille!

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