Four Unique Ways to Target Your Social Media Advertising

Four Unique Ways to Target Your Social Media Advertising

If you’ve ventured into advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, you likely already know that targeting is the key to a successful social ad campaign. Location, age and gender are great places to start. The more you know about your customer and the followers you’re interested in reaching, the more you can target based on unique attributes.

  • Further demographics. Beyond the basics, a wealth of demographic information is available to target your search by, including education, work, financial status, ethnic affinity, politics and more. The more you can leverage information you know about your typical customer, the better chance you’ll have of them seeing your social media ads.
  • Life events. This option allows you to target people at the time they might be looking for your product or service. For example, a jewelry store may target those recently engaged or a hardware store may target those that recently moved.
  • Behaviors. Define your audience by the activities they do on and off of Instagram and Facebook. Offering a local service similar to a popular national brand? Target followers of that brand in your vicinity.
  • Lookalike audiences. If you already have a solid base of loyal followers, you may be most interested in finding new followers that are similar in their life event stage, demographics and interests. Instagram and Facebook offer an easy way to target this group, called “Lookalike Audiences.” Simply select this targeting option to find new people who are similar to your existing followers. Interested in getting into a new demographic? You can also select to specifically NOT target this audience.

Consider targeting your next social media advertising campaign with one or more of these unique options. To further increase effectiveness, align the message in your ad with the audience you’re targeting.

Remember you can mix and match these options, but it’s best to keep an open mind and not add too many at once. You will only pay for those that complete the action you want. For insights into the targeted advertising mix that will you help you reach your business goals, contact our team today

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