Five Ways to Establish Your Brand on Social Media

Five Ways to Establish Your Brand on Social Media

In a world where social media is vital in building and maintaining your brand, it is important to make sure your social media presence is cohesive and consistent. There are only 140 characters in a tweet, one photo in each Instagram post and 10 seconds in a Snapchat. When you want to create a strong brand and have limitations like these on your content, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Here are five best practices for creating a brand presence with social media.

1.  Figure out what your brand looks like - and stick to it!

Create an interesting and creative brand identity then keep that style consistent throughout all of your social media platforms. Model this off existing marketing materials, considering what colors, fonts and logo the brand currently uses.  This will establish your brand in a professional and cohesive way.

2.  If your brand was a person, who would it be?

Social media gives your brand a unique personality and voice. Do you want to portray a tone that is friendly, straightforward or humorous? Every brand should have a different voice. Make sure to keep your tone similar throughout all posts and platforms.  

3.  Quality over Quantity

You might tweet fifty times a day, but if you aren’t getting any interaction back from people, that’s not creative meaningful follower engagement. Focus on creating a smaller amount of highly engaging posts that will resonate with fans. Your audience will thank you for it!

4.  Tell your story!

Every brand has a story to tell. Social media is a great way to get creative and share that unique story! There are countless ways to do so, including creating a hashtag or making a video! Make sure it is the same story no matter where or how you are telling it.

5.  Keep the same brand across all social media platforms

Notice anything in common with all of our rules? We can’t stress the importance of consistency enough! Across all social media platforms, make sure everything is coherent and cohesive! 

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