Choosing the Perfect Insta-Worthy Content Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Choosing the Perfect Insta-Worthy Content Just Became a Whole Lot Easier

Have you ever gone on a trip or to an event, taken several photos and not been able to decide which one to post on Instagram? Well, that tough decision has now been eliminated thanks to Instagram’s new albums feature.

Quick low-down: After Instagram realized that users were getting into the habit of only sharing their best content on an irregular basis, they created a feature so users can highlight their best photo or video and follow it up with “lesser quality” content in the form of a scrolling album compilation.

How brands can use this tool: Say you’re having an event or trade show and want to highlight similar content without seeming like you’re posting the same thing repeatedly. With the albums feature, you can now pick your best photo or video to capture your audience’s attention and then encourage them to “swipe left” to view related content. Using this tactic will increase the likelihood of your followers engaging and scrolling through to see what else your brand offers.

Potential benefits: By using this new tool, you can showcase all that your brand offers – anything from promoting healthcare solutions or fundraisers, to unveiling new menu items or taking fans behind the scenes of your event. In the end, your followers will have easier access to the information they need to better connect with your brand without having your content overwhelming their timeline and leading them to clicking “unfollow.”

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