Marketers often want to “humanize” their brand, but what does that really mean? Ultimately, we all want to give people a certain experience and then turn their feelings into action (i.e. buy a product, support a cause, or try out a new restaurant). Inherently, holidays offer a perfect platform to nurture these types of engagements with our audiences – but standing out from the crowd is often easier said than done. 

While holidays come with opportunity, successful social media campaigns require more than a hashtag. Whether you’re looking to make a splash during the holiday season, or promote your brand in conjunction with one of the many recognition days out there (yes, there’s even a #NationalMeatballDay), it’s best to avoid the lackluster outcomes that can result from a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

So, how do you know what might be appropriate for your brand? Here are a few questions and key points to consider in planning a holiday-themed campaign:

  1. Do you have a compelling message to deliver?

    Your brand might have a unique perspective to offer in conjunction with a holiday, but be careful not to force things. If no one understands the connection – or if they’re not in on the joke you’re telling – they won’t have a reason to engage. If you have established a genuine link, you’ll want to ensure that your message is compelling – targeted and relevant to your primary audiences. Otherwise, if your content is too generic or off-base, it may fall flat.  


  2. How crowded is the conversation? 

    Many companies want to dip their toes in the trending holiday chatter that streams across social media channels. Just consider all the messages and advertising that takes over your own feeds each holiday season. To have your voice heard loud and clear, you might consider creating a special offer or even doing something that’s creatively tongue-in-cheek (like when Hooters offered free wings to moms on Mother’s Day) to help elevate your story. 


  3. Will your voice be missed?

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take center stage when your followers might be expecting to hear from you. For example, #GivingTuesday offers a great way for charities to share their impact message with awaiting audiences. Brands can get involved with events and movements like these across most industries. If all else fails, you could even create your own holiday, or start using some general weekly hashtags like #ThankYouThursday and #FridayFeeling to engage with followers. 


Holidays and recognition days present great opportunities to align your brand with social conversations – as long as there’s a relevant tie-in and plenty of opportunities for engagement. This type of storytelling doesn’t necessarily emerge in real-time, it’s something brands must commit to strategically ahead of time to be successful.    

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