Why Savvy Consumer Brands Should Give Pinterest the Attention it Deserves

Why Savvy Consumer Brands Should Give Pinterest the Attention it Deserves

I’ll be the first to admit, I love Pinterest. *Cue ‘basic’ chants and eye rolls.* However, there’s a reason why my adoration for this social media channel is warranted. The platform works incredibly well in that it seamlessly combines interaction and education all in one, making it easy for users to identify and share an object or idea instantaneously.

I firmly believe that consumer brands should be adopting Pinterest as a social media avenue to casually share their products, thought leadership and company culture in a constructive, relevant way that will engage their target audiences. Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest users have to directly follow companies to see what they have to share, meaning these users actively want to see their content.

Meredith Darling, of Social Media Delivered, wrote “Top 20 Companies on Pinterest from Social Media Delivered,” where she commends companies who have mastered the art of Pinterest, including the development of creative inspiration boards that users genuinely want to interact with. I was pleased to see that one of Largemouth’s clients, CORT Furniture, had made the list.

While there are many companies taking advantage of Pinterest, like the ones discussed in Darling’s article, I was only aware of a few due to my own personal Pinterest exploration, not through targeted marketing. It’s not enough for companies to simply create fabulous Pinterest profiles; they must be strategically targeted and promoted to gain a following that will drive awareness for the brand. This is already done with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so why not Pinterest?

By providing a communication path that allows users to become immersed in the culture and overall theme of a business, Pinterest is an opportunity for companies to show, instead of tell, their audiences what their messages and products are all about. By investing the same time, effort and marketing that is put into other mainstream social media platforms, companies can tap into the incredibly loyal world of Pinterest users with ease and give their audiences the memorable brand experience they deserve.

- Lizzy Sirkin

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