The Marriage of PR and SEO: So Happy Together

The Marriage of PR and SEO: So Happy Together

Once upon a time, PR and SEO were thought of as separate strategies, but the bond is strengthening between the two today for good reason. The ever-expanding digital world we live in makes SEO an important part of any PR plan, and simultaneously the PR tools-of-the-trade help brands boost SEO and maximize their online presence.  

As noted in a recent VentureBeat report, SEO is about to see a dramatic change thanks to Google’s growing alignment with mobile operating systems – forcing us to reexamine what is most important when it comes to search engine rankings. Content quality and engagement will likely see themselves play an even larger role in this new SEO landscape, which means PR will have an even bigger impact for brands looking to build awareness and secure the type of earned exposure that search engines love.   

As we’ve seen this trend grow with clients across a variety of industries, we wanted to take a step back and look at a few of the primary reasons PR has become such an important resource for SEO.

The Value of a Press Release

Think press releases hold no value for SEO? Consider how often media outlets will run online stories based off press releases these days, or how prevalent it is to see companies use online newsrooms to host all their recent announcements. Press releases today not only serve as a valuable way to get news out about the latest happenings with an organization, but also provide supporting content for busy journalist that can be used and repackaged across many digital platform.

The Evolution of PR

While press releases and pitches remain key tools in PR, the spectrum for which we deliver news and messaging continues to evolve based on people’s preferences for consuming information – very similar to the way search engines change the way they package and organize content to fit the needs of readers. Therein lies the beauty of joining PR with digital marketing: harnessing great storytelling through multiple, relevant channels to reach target audiences, whether it’s through a news article, blog or an infographic.

Building Brand Awareness

Arguably nothing has solidified the bond between PR and SEO like the release of information from Google’s “Panda Patent” last year, which makes it clear that the search engine considers mentions of a brand or website without an explicit link to be an “implied link” in its ranking method. This confirms the importance of both brand awareness and link building for shaping SEO, which meshes perfectly in the scope of a PR campaign where both elements are incorporated in an effort to generate positive coverage through multiple content channels.  

Content is Always King

Google places a great deal of emphasis on quality both in terms of content and the types of sources linking to a site, so well-crafted PR messaging combined with proactive media outreach can help drum up consistent content that is great for SEO. In fact, by securing positive news coverage with a target media outlet, you’re reaching key audiences and also generating the type of third-party market validation that can’t be equaled in terms of quality.

In essence, PR and SEO are both ever-evolving entities, but they move in similar directions because the objective always remains the same. In the digital landscape where what others say about you is often more important than what you say about yourself, companies will be smart to take effective PR tactics into consideration in tandem with SEO and online marketing – utilizing the art of storytelling as the backbone to harness key brand and sales messaging to maximize their online presence.   

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