Take PR One Step Farther with Onsite Client Support

Take PR One Step Farther with Onsite Client Support

Relationships matter. Many times, they’re built outside of the office. For instance, it’s important to get hands-on and support client events. Your clients will appreciate your can-do attitude when it comes to making sure their events run smoothly.

Whether it’s at a conference, grand opening or media event, PR pros must be willing to help out whenever and wherever they’re needed. By following the below tips, you can master the art of onsite client support.

  • Communicate. While you’re at an event, act as an extension of your client’s team. Maintain open communication the entire time. This way, you can understand what they expect your role to be at the event, and you can update them on how you’re supporting their needs.
  • Pitch in. When providing onsite support, no task is too small. Always keep your eyes open for what your client might need before they need it. Take pictures for social media, answer questions, facilitate introductions and do whatever you can to help the event run smoothly.
  • Learn. There is no better way to learn about your clients and their industries than by providing onsite support. Don’t take this opportunity for granted. Jot down notes, ask questions and take every chance to learn that you can. If you have a deeper knowledge of your clients’ business, you’ll be able to better support their needs in the future.
  • Get face-time. While onsite, don’t forget to take time to grow your relationship with your client. Take the conversation offline by inviting them to lunch, dinner or coffee as their schedule allows. Face-time is critical for any client/agency relationship, so be sure to make this a priority while you’re at their events.

Onsite support grants you the opportunity to showcase the value of PR By leveraging your time at client events you can provide the best possible support and build a better relationship.

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