PR. Evolved.

PR. Evolved.

The role of communications has changed dramatically the past few years and I’m proud to say that Largemouth not only represents this evolution, but we are stewards of the change within the PR and digital agency landscape.

Brand interactions impact revenues, and executive leaders recognize the importance of creating and deploying favorable narratives through a diverse number of communication channels. Proactively managing brand reputation is essential, yet more challenging today than ever before, as customers are connected to traditional and social media 24x7. Conversations are dynamic and brands need a strategy for storytelling that not only captures share of voice, but more importantly, engages key audiences at the right time, with the right message, through the right media. This is Largemouth’s point of difference! This challenge defines who we are and what we do for our clients.

As a recent example, Largemouth worked with LORD Corporation, already recognized as an industry leader in chemical adhesives, to create new conversations for the brand. New conversations showcased LORD as both an innovative technology leader and a thriving business with a positive company culture.

Our campaign tenets: make LORD’s story more meaningful (or relevant) to more people, create powerful and shareable storytelling assets, and engage media to showcase applications of LORD’s technology. To accomplish this, Largemouth sought to connect LORD with the mainstream frenzy of March Madness! We framed the narrative and deployed traditional and digital media strategies to shine a spotlight on LORD technologies working behind the scenes of The Big Dance. Tactics included internal and external programs, including a press campaign, discussing “Five Technologies That Help Manage the Madness of College Basketball Tourney Season,” and digital communications for social media. The campaign was a slam dunk as the story spread and grabbed extensive play throughout desired media channels. Traditional media (broadcast and print) covered the campaign and social channels were buzzing as campaign messages reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Largemouth changed the way LORD’s story was told through big ideas, which led to big results.

What is your brand narrative? Time to evolve?


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