Largemouth Latest: January 2021 Edition

Largemouth Latest: January 2021 Edition

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Even a quick chat with Lee Anne Nance, COO of Stewart, leaves our team inspired to step out of our comfort zone and make an impact. For a big dose of inspiration that will help set up your 2021 on the right track, look no further than her recent Q&A that our team coordinated with Thrive GlobalYou might want to bookmark this one for a welcome reminder on those low energy days. “People notice hard work and meaningful outcomes... focus on leaving things better than you found them.” 


If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that a lot of our greatest lessons were learned in 2020. Modern Restaurant Magazine ran a two-part series on the topic and our team secured the inclusion of insights from several Fransmart brands. Even those not in the hospitality industry will take away a few key lessons, including that it, pays to be a part of a family,” from Georgios Drosos, founder and CEO of CFG Café Cusine, having good people on your team is vital to success,” from Greg Bolton, owner of Bob & Edith’s Diner, and that even in the worst of times comes innovation,” from Dan Rowe, founder and CEO of Fransmart. 


We could all use a little more resilience these days. The same can also be said for waterfront properties exposed to threats like coastal storms and erosion. North Waterfront Park in Wilmington is a leading example – it is the first park outside of the New York City metro area to be named a Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG®) verified park, focusing on the park’s resiliency to these natural occurrences. Our team secured a tour between Natalie Carmen, a project engineer with client Stewart, an interdisciplinary design, engineering and planning firm, and Spectrum Coastal to discuss the project and the team’s involvement in its civil engineering, structural engineering and more. “One of the strongest tools in design is the visual that is presented to the public, and to be able to present it in such a way that it’s beauty and function will get people excited about the ecology of their region,” said Carmen. 


With the rise of fast-food chains, automats eventually became extinct in the United States. But with the sophisticated technology of today, New York restaurateur Stratis Morfogen is reviving the automat system with “high-tech contactless features needed in a world where consumer behaviors have changed, even in a post-vaccinated world.” Our team coordinated a feature article in Business Insider about Dan Rowe, founder and CEO of Fransmart, identifying the concept – Brooklyn Dumpling Shop – as “the right concept at the right time,” and his plans to build 1,000 such shops over the next 10 years. 


In the December issue of Applied Clinical Trials Magazineour team secured an opportunity for Rho expert Marina Acosta Enselen to share insights on managing risks in clinical trials during COVID-19 with ICH E6 (R2), an FDA a revision to Good Clinical Practice (GCP). In the article, she outlines the benefits of ICH E6 (R2) and a Risk-Based Quality Management framework – especially in this era of increased use of decentralized trials.  

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