A Little Birdie Tweeted…And Now You Can Respond

A Little Birdie Tweeted…And Now You Can Respond

Have you ever been plagued by life’s questions — Cat or dog? Coke or Pepsi? To be, or not to be? Well, Twitter wants to help you answer them.       

A new polling feature has been added to Twitter’s social roster. Users can now construct easy-to-use response polls for their followers.  Each poll allows two answer options and stays active for 24 hours. While the final voting results are public once the poll closes, individual answers are kept private.

Twitter developers believe that the innovation will not only provoke further engagement from its large audience, but also provide companies the opportunity to see into the mind of consumers. Imagine being able to ask your customers how they feel about a product, and then receive an immediate response. That’s what Twitter polls makes possible. 

Here are five ways your company can use polls to engage your audiences:

  1. So, tell us what you want! Get your audience involved in your advertising and product creation process. What song do they want in your next commercial? What graphic design do they prefer on your newest merchandise? 
  2. What do you foresee? One fun way to start a conversation is by asking people for their predictions. Sometimes posing light, entertainment questions like, “Will this contestant get a bid on Shark Tank?” can make a company feel more relevant and give consumers something interesting to consider. 
  3. LOL. In a world of stress and busyness, people want an excuse to laugh. Boost interaction with your audience by giving them some less serious, smile-worthy polls. Do you prefer to whip or nae nae…?
  4. Right here, right now. Many people use Twitter because it provides real-time coverage and updates on people and events. Polls can gauge your audience’s reaction to something right after it happened. You’ll know how your customers felt about that questionable foul that was just called, and then you can use your findings to understand what makes them tick.
  5. Tell me a little about yourself. If your company has developed a hypothesis about how often people go out to eat versus making dinner at home, polls provide you with a method of testing this. In 24 hours, you can collect behavioral patterns of a portion of your audience without ever conducing an in-depth interview.            

How will you take advantage of Twitter polls? The options are endless.


-- Janie Fountain

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