4 Ways PR Goes Beyond “Public Relations”

4 Ways PR Goes Beyond “Public Relations”

Most people have heard the phrase “PR” or public relations, but wonder what it really means. So what do PR pros really do behind the scenes?

1. Network: Network, network, and network. All PR pros have to know how to make, build and keep connections with media, influencers and clients – it’s part of the job!

2. Nurture Relationships: Creating, building and maintaining relationships with reporters, influencers and the community is essential in order to succeed in the PR world. A strong relationship with local, national and trade media outlets allows a PR pro to skip cold calls and ensures client news is taken more seriously and delivered faster.

3. Strategize: Excellent PR is delivered when strategic counsel is involved.  This can be prepping clients for interviews, sending creative pitches to appropriate media or creating new short and long-term marketing initiatives that drive sales and raise awareness for clients.

4. Manage Crises: When a crisis hits, a good PR pro has a crisis communication plans in place to strike back. Their job is to designate spokespeople, formulate statements and create step-by-step plans (including social media) for clients to follow to lessen the damage. When it comes to crises, my favorite PR professor once told me that the PR world should always keep in mind “It’s not if, but when.”

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--- Bailey Harmon

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